Welcome to the GTD Plugin for NoteStudio project page.

This project has been created to provide a set of plugins for the NoteStudio application in order to provide all the tools necessary to implement a complete GTD system.  For those of you not familiar with NoteStudio,  we can summarize its description as a full Wiki application that can synchronize perfectly between Windows/Mac and a Palm device.  Although, NoteStudio hasn't been created originally as a GTD application, it's powerful Wiki possibilities have been extended in order to provide extra tools and features to make it a powerful GTD application.

The plugins created in the context of this project could be seen either as a parallel system to implement GTD inside of NoteStudio, or even as an extension to it

If you are new to either GTD or NoteStudio, we highly recommend the reading of the excellent presentation done by the creators of NoteStudio at their GTD page, specifically the A GTD Refreshner section where a complete summary of GTD is exposed.

If you are new to the plugins, a new User Guide has been created in order to show how they have been used by some users in order to implement a complete GTD system.  The documentation could be downloaded from the sourceforge.net download site of this project and is entitled Doing GTD using the NS plugins.  From it, I have exposed here My Requirements, so you could quickly see what drived me towards the creation of those GTD plugins.

As the plugins couldn't exist without NoteStudio, the community is using the NoteStudio newsgroup in order to communicate between each others to get help/suggestions and be informed about the latest news of the plugins.   The following message threads are populars ones containing information regarding the GTD plugins:

If you have any questions or need some help regarding setting-up or using any of the plugins, please visit us in the NoteStudio Newsgroup in order to post a message.

I hope you will find the plugins useful.

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